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Recommended Reading

We strongly encourage you dive into reading some of these business and mindset books. ​Investing in your personal development is crucial for your success in building your own business and network marketing. We have listed some of our favorites. 

Network Marketing

Go Pro: 7 Steps to becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

This guidebook will help you:

  • Find Prospects

  • Invite them to your product or opportunity

  • Present your products

  • Follow up with your prospects

  • Help them become consumers, members or distributors

  • Help them get started right

  • Grow your team by promoting events 

  • And much much more

Bookkeeping and Finances

Lower your Taxes Big Time by Sandy Botkin. Read Chapter 1 for sure, then it is a great reference guide. Make sure to purchase the newest edition. 

​Leadership Development

8th Habit by Stephen Covey

Start With Why by Simon Simek

Thank and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

Social Media

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