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DeBrincat Associates

Our DREAM Team

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Harrison Luke, Senior Executive Coordinator (HI), is the head of an exceptional growing team of business builders and leaders and they have taken the Hawaiian Islands by storm! Not only did he reach the rank of Senior Coordinator in the first month of starting his Shaklee business, but many of his team members achieved qualification for Director rank in two weeks or less of beginning their Shaklee Businesses! Outstanding!

Convinced that in-depth understanding of the compensation plan is the key to helping new people succeed in Shaklee, Harrison is one of the cornerstones of how he develops new people.  "You have to be able to communicate to people how they will be paid," says Harrison.

Harrison Luke & Vicki Ebesu
Seniors Executive Coordinators

He also stresses maximizing the compensation plan and focusing on activities that will yield results.  "Understand what it takes to get to Director and make that your goal, so you can begin to take advantage of all 8 ways to get paid-understand what activities will yield maximum commissions, maximum rank advancement, maximum results and focus on those activities."

The results speak for themselves.  In Harrison's first month, he and partner Vicki Ebesu earned over 3500 dollars and, combined, his team produced nearly 18,000 BGV within their first month at Shaklee.  That is not including the $1500 in Power of 10 Bonuses they have earned as a team.  "Our job as Business Leaders is to help people with a clear path to success." says Harrison.  "But first you have to be convinced yourself that success in Shaklee is possible.  Then when you share it with others, you don't even have to ask them to sponsor.  When they are convinced, they will ask to be a part of what you are doing."