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Our Shaklee Story

When we started our Shaklee journey, we had one mission: to change our health story.


It was only after using the product and experiencing the company for just a few months that we realized that Shaklee was so much more! Shaklee is a company with such integrity with amazing products that are not only safe and pure, but really work.

Shaklee was our opportunity to build something better for our family, our children and our future. It was our opportunity to share the education we were learning about our own health with others while creating an opportunity to earn extra income.

So How Did We Build It?
So How Did We Build It?

As a young family, we were full time working parents with Ray working in a corporate setting without the flexibility to be home with our two boys, nor the financial independence to live the lives we wanted. Not only that, but we were experiencing some health concerns and we wanted a natural option that was safer and more effective than the traditional options we had been provided.

We were introduced to Shaklee as a way to support our health concerns naturally; and as we experienced how Shaklee was positively impacting our health, we felt an obligation to share Shaklee with our friends and family who had health issues. Many of them wanted to try Shaklee. We knew this was the opportunity we have been waiting for to move from the corporate status quo and create the life we had dreamed about!

In 3 years’ time, as we continued to share and educate individuals and families on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and financial freedom, we rank advanced to the top rank! We became stay-at-home parents watching our children grow up, all while building a business on our own terms – when and how we wanted to. 

Our Life Today

The same basic principles that we followed then, I still follow to this day. Ray passed away on September 2nd, 2021

a few weeks before his 80th birthday. His death was a shock to us all. I had been married to him for 56 years, he was my life partner and best friend. Fortunately for me, his passing inspired my son, Mark, and his whole family to move down to Flordia to live close by. My grandson Danny, has been helping with the business. This experience also showed me how our Shaklee group isn't just a business, it's a family. The amount of support I continue to get from my group is immeasurable. I'm so thankful to be apart of an organization and work with people who truly care about my health and well-being. Shaklee continues to give me purpose and hope through this time. I get to travel the world training one of Shaklee’s largest teams on product education, business strategies, and connect weekly through online webinars; not to mention all of the great support, research and education that Shaklee provides us to serve our team partners!

As I celebrate over 48 years in Shaklee, this amazing company, I look back and are blessed for all this company as given to us:


  • physical and mental health

  • flexibility and time

  • our dream homes

  • bonus cars

  • ability to travel the world

  • financial freedom

  • friendships - being apart of a “family” of healthy entrepreneurs 

And while we have achieved more than I could have ever dreamed and served hundreds of individuals, our mission is still not complete! We continue to seek out new families who want to be health entrepreneurs. Who want to change their status quo and create the life they have dreamed about.


If you are looking at your life and wondering if there is a better way, I can tell you there is!


We will partner side by side to teach you the tools, strategies and education that you need to advance in record breaking time. The only thing you need is the passion! With over 40 years of experience, we have every tool in the toolbox to help you create the life you have been dreaming about!


-Susan DeBrincat, Lifetime Senior Master Coordinator

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