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Healthy Home

Shaklee believes your home should be the safest place for you and your family. During this video Heather Chastain shares tips for keeping your home free of toxins, and safe ways to clean your home using Shaklee Get Clean® products.

Why We Love Shaklee's Healthy Home Cleaning Line 
  • Safe and I no longer had the head discomfort I would get while cleaning. They do not have the toxins you find in regular cleaners that cause so many side effects. Did you know that there are 80,000 chemicals in our cleaning products, yet less than 600 have been tested for safety?

  • Concentrated so they last a long time. Shaklee ships the concentrate and we add the water.

  • Economical so we spend less money on cleaners. Because of how concentrated the products are, we not paying to ship and package the water normally pre-mixed into cleaning supplies. The $99 Get Clean Kit would replace $3,400 worth of major name brand cleaners!

  • Biodegradable and better for the earth. Plus we are not filling up the landfills with all the packaging waste. And the kit eliminates 248 lbs. of greenhouse gases and 108 lbs. of packaging waste.

  • Effective. Studies have shown Shaklee cleaners to work as well or better than the leading brands.

  • Convenience of having them delivered to my door. 

How Do We Use Them?
  • Basic H2 is our favorite.  It has literally hundreds of uses including all purpose, window cleaners and degreaser.

  • We use all the laundry products, detergent, fabric softener, and brightener. We know it's safe for our skin and bodies. Everything you use on your clothes is asborded right into your skin and then into your bloodstream. We can trust that Shaklee protects our bodies from the highly toxin chemicals in many of the brand name products.

  • We use both the automatic and liquid dish detergents so toxic residue is left on our dishes when we put them away. 

  • Scour Off is a fantastic scouring product that smells like bubble gum. It will take rust off chrome, clean burned pans, soap scum off shower tile, etc. I used to always get head tension when I cleaned the shower. When I tried Scour Off it worked so much better and no head tension!  Now since we use all the Shaklee products we no longer get the soap scum on the tile so do not have to scrub any more. And the sinks stay clean! 

  • Lastly, we make sure that every time we wash our hands it's with toxic free, and safe hand wash

Impact of Toxic Cleaners

View these PDFs to how commercial cleaning products can affect children.


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