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Our products undergo a screening process that surpasses even the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia.


Our products are backed by 71 patents and patents-pending, and over 120 published scientific papers and presentations.


We stand behind our products with a 100% money-back guarantee – no questions asked.

The Ladder of Health

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Switching Brands Can Change Your Life

Use this easy-to-use guide to see how easy it is to incorporate natural and safe products in your life, and replace the toxics products you currently have with safe ones. 

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Shaklee Product Lines

Build a lifetime of better health with our family of Healthy Nutrition products. Shaklee products provide essential vitamins, protein and minerals, to give your body the nutritional foundation it needs. 

Address areas of concern - including joint health, memory and more - that develop with aging with our family of Healthy Solutions products.

Global cutting-edge research in the fight against cellular aging, and years spent in partnership with leading scientists, have culminated in Vivix—a scientific breakthrough from Shaklee. Only Vivix contains resveratrol—along with a proprietary phytonutrient blend. This phytonutrient blend harnesses the powerful antioxidant properties of rare muscadine grapes and has been shown to be 13X more effective than resveratrol alone in slowing a key mechanism of cellular aging.

Shaklee 180® is a revolutionary program with meal replacements, support and tools to help you not only lose weight but learn how to keep it off. Powered by Leucine® to help you retain muscle and lose fat. 

These dietary supplements are made with superhero ingredients that bring out the best in your li’l superhero.

Always safe. Always gentle. Always healthy.

With Anti-Aging and Moisturizing lines, shift the appearance of your skin to a younger decade with Shaklee's specialized facial lines. Targeting the cellular level of your skin, accelerating skin cell renewal for softer, more supple skin with a youthful glow.  

Home should be the safest place on earth. Clean it up with products that are safe, powerful, and green.

Why do so many elite athletes trust Shaklee products? One reason is the guaranteed purity of everything Shaklee creates--making Shaklee a no-brainer if you're someone whose career depends on be certain of what you put into your body.

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Product Training Calls

Below are product audios where you can call the number listed next to the topic and listen in to hear the research, science and overview on that particular product line.

  • Shaklee-baby and Shaklee-kids Opportunity Message: 925-924-2230

  • Vivix® Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic: 925-924-3100

  • Shaklee Vitalizer™: 925-924-3050

  • Cinch®: 925-924-3030

  • Get Clean®: 925-924-3000