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The Shaklee Product and Business Opportunity has given thousands of individuals and families the financial and health freedom of a lifetime! As Dr. Forrest Shaklee stated, ""The best way to predict the future is to create it" and our goal is to help you discover what the Shaklee business and product opportunity can do for you! 

We all have different goals and expectations, but we are here to design pathways to help you reach your goals. 

Would you like to develop a steady stream of residual income? What if we told you that you could earn the income you desire out of your home on a part-time basis by following our proven step-by-step plan? Thousands of us have made millions of dollars helping others be successful.

The Perfect Business: A Shaklee Business

Watch some of our favorite videos on WHY the Shaklee Business and the Network Marketing lifestyle is for YOU!

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By Bill Firth, Shaklee Senior Master Coordinator

We are living through the biggest economic shift in our lifetime.

The impact is real, personal and far reaching...Are you ready?

By Robert Kiyosaki

Is Shaklee the perfect business?

The Story of Laura Evans: 

From Shaklee Corporation Senior VP to Shaklee Master Coordinator

This is a fabulous presentation by Laura Evans. She was a Sr VP at Shaklee Corporation. She switched from Corporate executive to being an entrepreneur and is now a Master Coordinator. The more I learn about other companies that sound exciting, the more I appreciate Shaklee. 


We are so fortunate to be with this wonderful company, Shaklee. Laura shares her journey and shows the differences between Shaklee and other companies. Having been a corporate executive she was privy to a lot of information on other companies and the development of the Dream Plan. She also talks about how she approaches people and built a 6 figure income. Listen to here story.

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The Perfect Product
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With all of the products at your fingertips, Shaklee makes it easy for you to share Shaklee with your members. Incorporating the Health Print Assessment Tool with your members will allow them to see a personalized health recommendation just for them. You will also be able to view a copy of their assessment which means you can personalize your approach in meeting their health care needs. You don't have to know all the answers and be an expert in all things Shaklee. Shaklee has already done all the hard work for you! 



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