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What Sets the Vita-Lea Product Line Apart?

  • The most comprehensive. Clinically proven. Multi.

  • Provides the foundation for your daily micronutrient needs with up to 24 essential vitamins and minerals and more calcium and magnesium compared to leading multivitamins on the market.**

  • Clinically proven superior absorption**

  • Clinically proven health benefits

  • Over 1,700+ quality tests conducted across the Vita-Lea line each time it’s produced.

  • Our quality standards exceed US Pharmacopeia, US GMP, US FDA, and other international regulatory standards.


Share These New Products with Customers / Prospects…

  • concerned about nutritional gaps in their current diet

  • who are looking for a multi with science-backed results

  • interested in different form factors such as gummies

  • who prefer products containing methylated B vitamins


Updated Tools & Resources to Share Vita-Lea

We’ve updated our Vita-Lea tools and resources to help you and your team share Vita-Lea in a fresh new way, including:

  • Enhanced Product Page with clear, compelling proof points

  • New assets and training on the importance of a Multivitamin for filling nutritional gaps.

  • Resources you can share that outline what sets us apart in the marketplace and why our line is comprehensive in its offering, nutritional value, quality, and proof.

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