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Healthy Aging

In 2008, Vivix was introduced which is Shaklee's anti-aging, cellular health supplement. When Shaklee introduced Vivix they asked: “Would you like to feel 25 years younger and live 25 years longer”. Of course the answer is YES!

Shaklee developed a product that went beyond just resveratrol. They found a grape that is rare and has an extra chromosome that made all the difference and they combined different polyphenols. Vivix has been shown to be 13 times more effective than resveratrol in slowing cellular aging. Evidence continues to grow showing polyphenols may have a tremendous impact on the health of your cells. In this video Shaklee scientists discuss the importance of polyphenols, and the improved polyphenol blend in Shaklee's Vivix®, now 13 times more powerful than resveratrol alone, and 30% more powerful than before.

In a major breakthrough, a recent clinical study demonstrated that Vivix activated a key genetic regulator that helps turn down cellular aging by:

  • protecting DNA

  • repairing DNA

  • Increasing mitochondria in human muscle which gives energy

  • Reducing oxidative and inflammatory stress

  • Preventing the shortening of the telomeres that indicates longer life 

  • Halting the products on AGE proteins that clog up the cells and cause aging 

A statistical analysis projects that an 80-year-old Shaklee user would have the same telomere length as a healthy 41-year old. To insure that no one else can duplicate this Vivix, Shaklee has patents and an exclusive 20 year supply of key ingredient. You can learn more about Vivix by visiting

Why We Love Vivix

Many times people ask us how we've aged so gracefully? We're in our 70s, yet we are in great health and are very active. In today's world, that is just not the norm. When we think of seniors, we think of multiple health concerns, wrinkles and immobility. So how did we do it?

"You do have the ability to reverse the process of aging. You have the ability actually to reprogram how your genes are expressed. And that is a power no one else but you has."  Dr. Helmet Oz

When we first joined Shaklee 40+ years ago, we were on a nutritional program similar to Vitalizer, the Protein Shakes and Lecithin. Ray had a heart condition and had elevated cholesterol levels. 


When we made the switch to Shaklee (read more in Our Shaklee Difference story), Ray’s heart health improved and he was able to lowered his cholesterol levels more than 100 points in the first month or so; along with increased energy and stamina.

Through the years because of our commitment to Shaklee nutrition, a healthy diet, and ensuring a heathy home, our bodies have aged gracefully. And Shaklee makes it so easy for us because they continue to research and find new ways to support our bodies naturally.

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