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DeBrincat Associates

Our DREAM Team

Our Business Team

When we began with Shaklee business our team was two full time working parents - us. Today, our team is one of the largest team’s in Shaklee with record breaking rank advancements!


We travel the world providing training on product education, business strategies, and connecting weekly through online webinars; not to mention all of the great support that Shaklee provides us to serve our team partners!


Shaklee makes it so easy for us to share this amazing product with others. For over 60 years, Shaklee has invested millions in research, clinical studies, education, and business tools to build Shaklee to the #1 nutritional company in the world.


Our Shaklee organization have become like family. Many of our team members started with the simply mission of changing their personal health and quickly saw Shaklee’s business opportunity as their gateway to financial and time freedom. Each person has a different story, but the steps are the same. Many of our  team members have earned car bonuses, won incentive trips around the globe, earned millions of dollars, and have gone on to build their own Shaklee family.


As Lifetime Senior Master Coordinators, nothing brings us more passion and excitement then watching our team members flourish and build the life they’ve always dreamed of!


If you’re looking for a new business opportunity or want out of the corporate status quo, we will partner side by side to teach you the tools, strategies and education that you need to advance in record breaking time giving you the financial and time freedom you desire. We personalize our approach to meet your needs to ensure your success! The only thing you need is the passion!


With over 40 years of experience, we have every tool in the toolbox to help you create the life you have been dreaming about!


We invite you to email us at


 -Ray & Susan DeBrincat, Lifetime Shaklee Senior Master Coordinators

Nancy Spiccia
Senior Coordinator
Jim & Julie Mars
Senior Coordinators
Pat Hubert
Senior Executive Coordinator
Teresia Radtke
Executive Coordinator
Linda & Dick Radtke
Senior Executive
Karen Schleutuer
Senior Coordinator
Harrison Luke & Vicki Ebesu 
Senior Executive Coordinators
Jennifer Yang
Senior Executive Coordinator

Our Leaders