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First Level to Harrison Luke and Vicki Ebesu

Jennifer Yang joined Shaklee November 1, 2008 and became an Executive Coordinator her 11th month in Shaklee. As a mother of three, when Jennifer joined Shaklee she was willing to give 100% effort, but only 10% of her time. 


Amazingly, Jennifer achieved Director qualifications in one week and closed her first month earning an income of about $1,000. 

In her second month she promoted a Director and became Senior Director, doubling her income to make $2,000. 


By month three, she was a Senior Coordinator increasing her income each month. By month 6, with the help of her team, she earned $15,000 which includes $10,000 Power of Ten bonus for being #1 in the country in her category. She double qualified for the Dream 2009 trip to the Mayan Riviera. 

Jennifer Yang
Senior Executive
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