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First level to Lorraine Marsh Trust, Senior Key Coordinator

Shaklee has definitely given Karen and her husband, Rob good health. They are both walking testimonials that the Shaklee products build healthy bodies. She is now an active woman enjoying good health after suffering several years from Ulcertative Colitius. After many doctor visits, hospitals, and drugs, she was introduced to Shaklee nutrition, and since March of 1993 has not had a flare-up. She is living proof that these products work. She is now enjoying good health, recently ran the Boston Marathon, the pinnacle of everyone's running career, and is training again for her 11th marathon.  

She keeps getting faster every year thanks to her faithful regime of Shaklee nutritional supplements. She is newly married to a man she met running. He is convinced as well that Shaklee products are definitely different. He's not had any knee pain and his race times are also improve. 

Karen Schleuter
Senior Coordinator

When she was introduced to Shaklee she didn't realize there was an opportunity to make money. When she discovered there was, she became excited because she had the opportunity to reach out and change people's lives and at the same time make money. She worked hard for a couple years part-time and then decided to leave her full time chemistry career to pursue Shaklee full-time. She never regretted her decision. Her business practically doubled the first couple months after making the decision to leave her job. 

She plans to achieve executive coordinator and beyond because she would love her husband to join her full time. He works very long hours in retail and is really good at what he does but very under appreciated.

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