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My daughter Betsy was 9 years old and was having a horrible winter with ear infections and bronchitis and even pneumonia. She spent more time at home than she did in school and I was very discouraged. She had been on many antibiotics since she was a baby. Our family dentist, Dr. Burt Stillman, introduced me to Shaklee nutrition and said the quality of a supplement was important and the brand really mattered. 


Our whole family started on a Shaklee smoothie protein drink for breakfast and multi-vitamins and I have to tell you that Betsy has not used an antibiotic for illness since third grade and she is now over 30 years old. 


Our daughter Theresia, a week before high-school graduation, had an unfortunate encounter on the soccer field and tore her ACL.

Linda & Dick Radtke
Senior Executive

First Generation to Burt Stillman

From the knee surgery itself, she acquired a very serious infection in her knee that she battled and ultimately recovered from to play college soccer that next fall. I saw for myself how a body can rebuild even if it starts out with a grave deficiency or encounters serious challenges. 


My husband and I have been using these supplements now for over 25 years and at 68 and 72, we are healthier and fitter than we were back in our 40's. Because of our family's success with the products, I started sharing with others and created a "healthy" business for more than 25 years. 


I was a former computer programmer, not your typical salesperson, but it felt right to tell others about Our Shaklee Effect. As a result of our business, our family traveled extensively with Shaklee to places like Portugal, England, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico, we drove Shaklee bonus cars and most importantly, we helped many people gain better health. 


For those who wanted it, we showed them how to earn additional income for themselves. About 10 years ago, our daughter, Theresia joined me in our business and now has successfully taken over the leadership and training of our team, "Partners for Health and Transformation". Together we support our business partners on their journey with Shaklee. My dream is that everyone who wishes to have what we have created, will work with us to attain it for themselves. It is worth the journey.

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