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Product Training
We have created a training page full of videos, PDFs, presentations, sampling ideas and more for each of Shaklee's product lines. Click below to learn more and gain the knowledge you need to become an expert in all things Shaklee!

The YOUTH Skincare Line: Erase a decade of aging with YOUTH®, a revolutionary new skincare system designed to help you look younger longer. Visit this training to find videos, PDFs, presentations, sampling ideas and more.

Shaklee has developed a Fitness Line and Endurance Line to meet the needs of all types of athletes and active individuals.

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Product Scripts

Product Calls

Below is a listing of different product training calls.

  1. Walk Through the Product Guide 2010, Presented by Barbara Lagoni, Bob Ferguson, Dr. Margaret Christensen and Dr. David Dungen

  2. Four Products that will Change Your Life, Presented by Dr. Stephen Chaney, PhD

  3. Nutrition Support for Cancer, Presented by Dr. Judy Ciasto, M.D.

  4. Effects of Stress, Presented by Jim Burke

  5. Natural Solutions for the Challenge of Cancer, Presented by Dr. Sandra J Bevacqua, Ph. D

  6. Managing Diabetes, Presented by Dr. Sandra J Bevacqua, Ph. D

  7. Multiple Sclerosis, Presented by Connie Olney

  8. Fibromyalgia, Presented by Allanda Pank

  9. Zero Calorie Nation, Presented by Dr. Stephen Chaney Ph. D

  10. Depression, Presented by Dr. Richard Brouse

  11. Natural Solutions for Controlling Yeast Infections, Presented by Ellen Cullen, RN

  12. Vivix - The Anti-Aging MiraclePresented by Sandy Bevacqua, Ph.D.

  13. Meet The Masters, Presented by Frederick, Shaw, Paddock, Hesselmann, Stewart

  14. Raising Healthy Kids with Shaklee - In a World of Pizza and Pop-Tarts, Presented by Bob Ferguson and Barb Lagoni

  15. Healthy Women / Healthy Kids, Presented by Dr. Judy Ciasto

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