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Published Research

Shaklee’s commitment to clinical research is reflected in every product it makes. The ideal balance of nature and science is not achieved by guesswork. It is a meticulous process of research and development, testing, and refinement. That’s why Shaklee continues to invest in clinical research as part of its ongoing commitment to scientific integrity. The following peer-reviewed clinical studies sponsored by Shaklee scientifically substantiate either Shaklee products or the testing of concepts leading to Shaklee products.

The list below consists of two parts. Section A identifies studies performed on ingredients in Shaklee’s current products, while the second lists studies pertaining to earlier versions of Shaklee products.

Product Clinical Studies



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  • Clinical Study of the Effectiveness of an Organic Dentifrice for Stain Removal. Newman, Soparkar, Depaola, Poovaiah. J Dental Res 1980;59:276 (abstract)



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Clinical Studies Performed on Ingredients in Shaklee’s Former Products



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