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First level to Linda and Dick Radtke 


I had the privilege of growing up as a Shaklee kid. My parents Linda and Dick Radtke started their Shaklee business when I was 12 years old! I had so many great experiences with the products - from healing quickly from 4 major knee surgeries (all due to soccer injuries) to having great focus and concentration during my college studies - and all day energy from continuing to use the products into my 30's. I also got a taste of the Shaklee lifestyle! I loved traveling with my family all over the world on trips my parents had earned for their work in growing their business, and saw my Mom truly love and enjoy her work in helping people be empowered in living a healthy lifestyle. 

As a college student, I was inspired to study biology and learn more about the natural world, and how our bodies work. I loved learning about science and being empowered with knowledge to prevent disease and create health as much as possible. I took this passion for health and my entrepreneurial bug to starting my business right out of college! By 26 I had created a career-level Shaklee income, earned 3 Shaklee all-expense paid vacations - and was designing my life, helping people with their health and truly loving and enjoying my work! 

I have continued to expand my skills by becoming a certified personal trainer and health coach - and work with people one on one as well. Through this whole process I have learned how grateful I truly am for my business - and am excited to continue my growth and making a difference for people with Shaklee products, the philosophy and lifestyle! 

Teresia Radtke
Executive Coordinator
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