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Recommended Websites

Business Training Websites
  • Presidential Master Builders: This is a terrific site about attitude. Your attitudes will determine your success or failure. You need a vision and a passion for this business and you need to share your enthusiasm. Remember, you move toward what you think about. So don't think about the challenges, think about the future success. Remember "Amateurs sell products...Professionals sell vision".

  • Matrix 24 Project: The best step-by-step training with a comprehensive guide to help you launch and develop a successful Shaklee business. Matrix 24 is divided into five sections each filled with invaluable content and discussion, led by experienced senior leaders in Shaklee, to help equip you as you launch and develop your business. The cost is one-time $39 fee but the information is yours. 

  • Our Dream Team's Toolchest: The Dream Toolchest is a joint effort by top Shaklee Sales Leaders to bring you up to date presentations, professional training, webinars & colorful handouts that you can use to build your business.

  • ShakWord: This website has miscellaneous teleconferences.  The user name is shaklee and the password is shaklee. 

  • A Better Future Starts Today: This website has a program for a new business builder, training series on various business topics, PPT slides for trainings and more.

Product Training Websites
  • Shaklee TV: Shaklee TV has all of the marketing videos produced by Shaklee on many topics including product lines, research, science, the business opportunity and more.

  • One Change Counts: This website has several videos focused on the various product lines and the research behind them. Each video provides a downloadable Evaluation Form allowing you to comment on the video selected, save the completed document in a folder on your computer and/or E-mail it to your Distributor.

  • Better Health in 31 Days: This site has many presentations on health issues and products. It is a good go-to page if you are looking for info on specific problems and testimonies. 

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